From generation to generation


A motto that could well be ours, so much does conviviality and sharing characterise our family.

From the 1950’s, Marcelle and Louis wanted to make the Domaine a welcoming place where wine was at the centre of things by opening the first tasting cellar in the Hautes-Alpes. It soon became a meeting place for all the gourmets of the region, and wine-lovers would come from far and wide for a taste of Marcelle’s legendary hospitality.

In the nineties, Mireille and Marc carried on the tradition of organising tastings and events. Their friends loved to gather around the huge family table to taste the new wines and put the world to rights.

We still maintain these traditions today, and we wanted to keep the tasting room with its 60s décor just as it was. So if you come to visit us you will be able to taste our wines at the bar made of genuine 100% vintage Formica….

It’s our way of honouring the memory of Marcelle and Louis who created the Domaine and for whom conviviality was at the heart of their work.

Mon grand-père et mon arrière grand-père (Laëtitia)

Preserving our Environment

We are proud of our traditions and our heritage

Our region is magnificent…. and we want to protect it!

We work in the vines and make our wines with absolute respect for the environment. Our efforts to constantly improve the quality of our wines earnt us the privilege of becoming the first wine producer in the Hautes-Alpes to obtain the “Vin de Pays” label in 1984.

To conform with European legislation, this became the denomination IGP (Indication Géographique Protégée) in 2009. This status is conditional upon respecting very strict specifications, and guarantees the quality of the wines from the Hautes-Alpes.

Respecting our Traditions

We are proud of our traditions and our heritage

We are very proud of our terroir! We regularly attend different wine fairs and events around France to share our passion with you.

Mollard is the historic grape variety of the Hautes-Alpes terroir. This very ancient variety produces beautiful garnet red wines, with aromas of spice, vanilla, very ripe red fruit such as wild cherry and plum, and toasted notes.

At the beginning of the nineties we decided, in collaboration with the French Vine Institute, to work on a project to safeguard and reintroduce this grape to the valley of the Durance from where it had largely disappeared.

This work bore fruit in 2005 when Mollard regained its place in the official French catalogue of recognised grape varieties. It is this grape that you can find today in our “Vieilles Vignes” cuvee… We’d be pleased to introduce you to it at a tasting at the Domaine!