Our ranges

Small pleasures

For all occasions

Small Pleasures are easy drinking wines that can be opened for all occasions, or simply for the pleasure of sharing …


The théusiens

A concentration of our terroir

The Théüsiens – named after the village of Théüs – are our signature wines, emblematic of the Domaine. These single varietal wines are characterised by their finesse, their elegance, a certain freshness and a touch of minerality that is derived from their terroir of altitude. They reveal all the typical characteristics of our region.



Our classic wines

Our Prestige wines are micro-cuvees crafted with particular care. Parcel selection Chardonnay for the white, and oak ageing for the red….


Let the party begin !

Bubbles are our oldest established cuvees. Made at the Domaine using the “méthode traditionelle”, they are the only sparkling wines from the Hautes-Alpes to be awarded the appellation IGP Hautes-Alpes, like the rest of our wines. They are perfect for all your festive meals and celebrations (weddings, baptisms, birthdays).

Sun filled


The Sun-Filled wines are sweet, made using the classic method for natural sweet wines (vins doux naturels). Lusciously sunny, they are highly appreciated as an aperitif, with foie gras or dessert.



We also distil marc and fruit alcohols renowned for their finesse and their quality. Certain of them, with their superb aromatic palettes, are particularly appreciated in mixology (cocktail making)!